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Lithium hydroxide
  • Lithium hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide

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Lithium hydroxide - represents colourless hygroscopic crystals with a tetragonal lattice, is well dissolved in water (generates heat), we will dissolve in ethanol a little. Is the strong basis, treats alkalis. Water solutions have silnoshchelochny reaction. Fusions and its water solutions destroy glass, porcelain, interact with many silicates, subject to corrosion some metals. On air absorbs carbon dioxide and forms carbonic lithium.
Density is 1,46 g/cm ³. Temperature of melting is 462 °C, temperature of boiling is 925 °C.

Chemical formula: LiOH.

Technical hydrate of an oxide of lithium is received by method of interaction of metal lithium or oxide of lithium with water or interaction of a carbonate of lithium with calcium hydroxide.

Gidrokis the lity is applied to receiving compounds of lithium, in particular oleates, stearates and palmitat.
It is used as an absorber of carbon dioxide in gas masks, submarines and spaceships.
It is also used as the polymerization catalyst.
It is applied in the glass, ceramic and radio engineering industry.
It is also used by production of the waterproof lubricants having mechanical stability at considerable change of temperature (from-60 to 160 °C).
Ispolzuntsya as additive to electrolyte for alkaline accumulators. Replacement in the alkaline accumulator of potassium hydroxide by hydroxide of lithium leads to increase in its service life twice.

Quality certificate:

Content of the main      substance min   of 56,5      %
                               Na max   of 0,03      %
                                K max   of 0,01      %
                               CO2 max   of 0,35      %
                         Max chlorides   of 0,005      %
                        Max sulfates   of 0,03      %
                              CaO max   of 0,03      %
                             Fe2O3 max   of 0,0015   %
Insoluble            substances max   of 0,008      %

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Country of manufacture:Chile
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